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CADS is a relatively small organization but we are very proud of our work in 2014.  Our programs including lectures and social events, our internationally recognized bi-annual magazine, and our leadership in preservation advocacy were all a huge success! 

None of it would have been possible without the support and efforts of our members!


After nearly a decade of advocacy the Chicago Motor Club is well on the way to a sensitive restoration and adaptation thanks to our tireless effort to achieve landmark protection for the building and to support responsible stewardship. We continue to closely monitor threatened buildings and structures like the Ashland Avenue Bridge, a funeral home on the South side, and others on our ever growing preservation watchlist.


We published two wonderful issues of our ever popular CADS Magazine and continue to expand the catalog of the Chicago Art Deco Survey Project. Even more exciting, we have taken that information from the Survey and have started the editorial process for the Book Project which will help document and share our rich Chicagoland Art Deco legacy. And we’ve supplemented these intiatives with numerous educational lectures on Art Deco objects, design, and influential people of the era. 


CADS hosted over six marquee soirees and multiple socials that connected like-minded flappers and dappers together in celebration. Together we discovered the city’s plentiful Art Deco venues, shared common interests, and explored new facets of the Art Deco style. And best of all, we had fun!

With each initiative, CADS maximizes every dollar collected and nearly all of our programs, events, and preservation efforts are volunteer managed and driven.  We hope you will continue to support our efforts and consider donating to the Chicago Art Deco Society this calendar year. 

Make your fully tax deductible year-end contribution today and help CADS create an even grander 2015!


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